The lights are off, but I know my way.
I dream from time to time
Always the same dream though
A dream that sees the blackest scorpion I've ever seen
Stinging the most beautiful butterfly you've ever seen

My name is Rina
This is the Butterfly canal
A place I call home
Around here
Most see it as a wasteland
It's safe to say this is where they send you when you've been ostracized from the norm of society
I still haven't decide if I want to be here forever
But I guess I don't have a choice
The canal is only a few miles away from where the normal flies live
They never cross this sky highway though
They are too scared
Too scared to get stung
As butterflies rule this side of the murky waters
Well my big brother Said does
Everyone wants to be him
They call him the Money Man
Just like his club
Which of course he named after himself
It's the only form of escape around here
He always told me I was too young to go to the club
But it's the only place with music
So I agreed to start working there so he could keep an eye on me and I could keep an ear on it
So I spread my wings and flew out of the cacoon

You can't just roll round these parts
He controls them
I know my brother's not the best
But family is family and I'm the only girl of four
Well three now
The day my brother Hassen got initiated by Moneymanflacko was the day he became one of them
The day his eyes turned black was the day he died
That's the day I swore I'd never touch a wing or let my baby brother Lil Money touch one
I pray every day that he doesn't follow them
But I guess in a world of thieves and killers Said and Moneymanflacko are the only people he has to look up to
I heard the wings are mixed with scorpion venom, acrylic paint, even butterfly's pollen
This is what made Hassen's eyes go black forever
Said denies it
But I know the wings are the thing on the streets round here
The only way to make money
Even if death is an outcome
Said's keepers catch them, bag them & feed their hunger
He calls it a psychedelic getaway to a better place
But I know it only fuels their dreams of violence

The Butterfly canal
My home
A strange nightmare to some
Where your dreams never become true

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